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The Baptism Towel

This is a custom order for a church baptism towel and includes 10 baptism invitations. The invitations were made using Subway Art (love it!) and the Baptism Towel comes with a poem. This set is for a baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)but the idea can be customized for any church or occasion.


A great piece of advice... "be happy!"


Forever & Always

Black is almost required at an elegant formal wedding. This card reads "Forever Begins Today" in an elegant font. The black ruffles add a little playfulness to the affair, almost like a little girl hiding under the floral linens on the tables at the wedding.


Important Things

The most important things aren't things. So true! I love these papers and embellishments - they have a soft, romantic, nostalgic feel to them.


Hi lady!

Isn't this card fun? I think it would bring a smile to any lady!


Times of Sorrow

Sympathy cards are never easy, how do you find the right words? I am looking for some simple sympathy stamps (any suggestions?)


In The Sweetness of Friendship

"In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures." I love using quotes on cards and this one is just simply charming, it found a place on this card with all kinds of details that re-creates the charm and sweetness of the quote.



Robert Browning always conjures up nostalgic colors, romantic themes. I think the ruffle white ribbon against the soft pink background is a perfect showcase for this Browning quote; "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be." It just makes me want to go to the ice cream parlor and sit on my front porch swing gazing at a weeping willow tree.

Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink & Brown?

The beautiful bright summer colors are back to dazzle on this card, with the addition of brown? Yes brown! The brown floral print paper is one of my most favorite prints in recent days. Don't be afraid to throw a brown or black in to your colorful summer color mixes~


Tags and Fashion Shapes

I am a little obsessed with the shaped tag on this card, you can see it on a lot of cards that have been posted recently. The package calls them "Fashion Tags" and I'm not sure what shape you would even call it. They just make a nice focal point to stamp the sentiment! I can't remember any other shape that has captured my attention as much as this one, even if I can't give it a proper "shape name."


You Make Me Smile

This sentiment says it all "YOU make me smile!" These fabulous large fabric covered buttons match the papers perfectly and I love how the circle of the button echos the circle of the sentiment.

Roses & Denim

I love the use of this paper, it is hard to tell in the photo but it really does resemble denim. When it is paired with the beautiful pink and reds in the flowers - the combination is just amazing! You never know where you will find a little something something that puts the finishing touch on a card, but the rose on the oval (just left of the thinking of you sentiment) was in a dollar bin at a craft store! I was thrilled to find it and also picked up a sunflower that you will see in just a short while.


Yellow, green and orange oh my!

Instead of "lions and tigers and bears oh my..." Today is it all about yellow and green and orange oh my! These colors just burst forward and say "summer!"


Thank you

What could be sweeter then a little bird (or a trio of birds) chirping a thank you message?


The Journey is the Destination

I love the touch of navy in this card, the sentiment is so easy to use for any milestone!

You Did It!

This card is so perfect for a graduation but I could also see it as a retirement or a congratulations card for so many different occasions. The touch of orange in the bow is unexpected and really makes the card pop.


These paper is just divine and the colors are so deep and rich! What I love about this card is the difference in ink saturation that I used each time I stamped the sentiment. You will see this paper and the ink saturation stamping in a few more posts so keep checking in~


A Friend by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this crisp white satin bow and the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a friendship classic!



Where does the inspiration come from? In this case you will have to listen to this Martin Solveig & Dragonette song.

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful!


Hugs & Kisses {Girl}

I think this card is perfect for the special girl in your life.


Greatest Treasures

I love the beautiful colors in this card, I think they go really well with the sentiment and echo its simple truth.


Enjoy Life

I have always loved the look of denim and pearls together.


This is us!

This is us! A sweet card to commemorate an anniversary.



I often overlook friendship cards when creating, I am going to focus on including more of these cards.


Birthday Wishes in Black & Pink

Pink and black is one of my favorite color combinations, I think it feels elegant without working too hard for it. I love the black, gray and pink flowers with the pearl centers. I made this card in my signature size the 5 1/2" square card. I also made a set of ten note cards on a smaller scale and substituted a heart for the flowers.

Black and White

A black and white palette can really focus your design on the message you want to express.



These beautiful bouquets were found in the floral department. I love the classic Valentine's Day colors.


Fabric Paper

I think I have died and gone to heaven. I just found this beautiful fabric paper and have used it to make these cards!

I think I have died and gone to heaven. I just found this beautiful fabric paper and have used it to make these cards!


Paisley is one of my favorite patterns to work with!

"Thanks so much"
This card has the sentiment on the inside and it reads "Thanks for your kindness"


Love Inside

If a card doesn't have a specific purpose, it ends up under the "Blank Inside" category. That category always leaves me feeling a little empty and it doesn't really fit or do justice for, a beautiful card like this. Maybe the category should be called "love inside", because the inside is blank for you to write your own love note.


I thought of you today

I think this card is soft and romantic with a soft blue color paired with chocolate brown. The sentiment reads "I thought of you today."

I love this card because it works for so many special occassions; thinking of you, sympathy, anniversary, birthday, even Valentines Day.



I was lucky enough to have these sparkly trees win first place in a contest sponsored by The Wood Connection!

Neighbor gifts

I always need a gift for neighbors and co-workers. This year I put together these two fun ideas.