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Vintage Shadow Box - Angels Unaware poem

This is a beautiful 11 x 14 framed glass shadow box. The poem reads:

Angels Unaware

I know sometimes you wonder,
when you're feeling all alone,
when times are more than difficult,
and your cares seem all your own,
Just remember that I'm praying,
God will watch and care for you,
When you doubt his love and presence,
he will prove to you it's true.
He guards your every footstep,
though you do not know he's there,
when you find this angels feather,
know he's been there unaware.

by Cora Eelman

This was found in an estate sale. The back of the picture reads :
Country Patches
Original Designs by
Patsy Summerlini & Cora Eelman
Spring Hill FL 813-856-8447

It also has a price tag of $39.99

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